wild wild wet review

We visited Wild Wild Wet on our recent trip to Singapore, and this is our review of our day out there.

This visit was sponsored by the attraction, but what follows is an full, honest review of our experience.

how to get to wild wild wet singapore

Getting to Wild Wild Wet water park, Downtown East without a car is not particularly difficult; we took the East-West line towards Pasir Ris all the way to the end of the line (about 45 minutes from Chinatown), then walked the rest, a 10 minute or so walk (30 minutes if you go wrong like we did, oops!). Incidentally, the Pasir Ris town park is on the way and is a great big open green area with places to eat and play; if you’re in the area, do stop by!

wild wild wet review: facilities

We were struck as soon as we arrived by the range of Wild Wild Wet rides; rides tower into the sky all around as soon as you enter and the place is bright and exciting-looking, with shaded Wild Wild Wet cabanas dotted around to hire. There are a huge amount of lockers to store your stuff in while you frolic, though at S$8 for a small one (and the machine doesn’t give change so it cost us S$10), they are very expensive for what they are.

Changing areas are clean and modern, though we struggled for space; I took our 5 year old to get changed and we had to change in a small shower cubicle. It’s great that there are so many small cubicles and showers but we didn’t see any family changing areas, which was a shame. The baby change room is, however, really good. Lots of space and a hot and cold water filter too.

We headed out to the park and had a great experience. There was plenty to do for all ages; thrill rides for adults like the frankly-terrifying 50-feet-per-second drop of Free Fall and the ‘am-I-going-to-pass-out’ (in a good way!) loops and spins of Vortex, to Slide Up, where you career down then back up a 4-storey slope, and Kraken Racers, where you grab your mat and head face-first down a twisting, dipping slope while racing against others. For our 3-year-old there were several splash-pool type areas with water spraying around, small slides, shallow pools etc; lots for him to stay amused and not get bored. Our 5-year-old also enjoyed the smaller slides and play areas but there was only one ‘big’ ride she could go on; Ular-Lah. This is a large slide where you go a minimum of two people at a time, in a large rubber ring/boat down some twists and turns and into a splash pool. It’s a brilliant ride for young children, especially as they can go on with an adult. We went on it 6 times, but PY Jr was slightly disappointed there wasn’t another ride we could go on together. Space restrictions, I guess.

As well as all that, there is the lazy river, which can be enjoyed on a ring (large and small sizes available) or even just floating/swimming round. We all went on this more than once and had a great time just floating about, watching the world go by. The jacuzzi and wave pools are more examples of great areas where the whole family can chill out.

There are food places on site which are fairly reasonably priced, and plenty of benches in the shade on which to have a rest. One thing we would have liked was a bit more shade in the children’s play areas; the park opens at 1pm so make sure you take plenty of suncream if going in the afternoon. Wild Wild Wet opening hours are available on their website as are any Wild Wild Wet promotions.

We were impressed by the amount of supervision there was; all the lifeguards seemed very attentive and on the rides where there were queues, they were careful to ensure everyone was using the facilities safely.

wild wild wet review: summary

In summary, this Downtown East water park is indeed wild and wet; it’s a great park and we had a lot of fun. The Wild Wild Wet location is not difficult to get to and there is a great variety of rides. Some more shady areas over the children’s play areas, more family changing areas, and some recycling bins would be welcome additions, but overall it represents good value for the Wild Wild Wet ticket price and we recommend it!