getting into kl with kids

We have arrived! We negotiated 2 flights, 17 hours in the air, now the aim is painlessly getting into KL with kids.

We are all extremely tired, and the worst-ever passport control situation doesn’t help our mood. It appears they are going for a world record for slowness, so all power to them in that regard, but it’s not helping us getting into KL with kids who are alternating between being grumpy, annoyed, bored, and tired. 

We eventually get through, collect our luggage, and begin the debate on how to best get into Kuala Lumpur city as painlessly as possible. 

The KLIA Ekspres is a train, and takes half an hour, but costs 55RM per adult and 25RM per child (age 2-12). The coach journey lasts 60 minutes, costs approx 12RM for adults (kids are free) and arrives at the same place (KL Sentral). We opt for the bus, and it’s fine. It leaves on time from the bottom (sort of underground) level of the airport, and while the bus area is a bit grim, the staff are helpful and we are soon on our way into KL.

Getting into KL with Kids: Mission Accomplished

Disembarking the bus, we head towards the hotel, via all manner of awful pavements, through rush hour traffic, and several wrong turns. After about 45 minutes, lots of sweating, some life-in-hands moments crossing roads, and repeating the mantra “the hotel has a pool” over and over, we arrive at our accommodation. 

The Ramada, Kuala Lumpur, and Jalan Alor Food Market

We’ve traversed KL in the middle of the day, and all of a sudden the hotel rises in front of us like some sort of concrete gate to heaven. Praise be. We are at the Ramada, near the main shopping area. We chose it for it’s proximity to the main street food markets and sights, and are not disappointed. We got a late deal through Agoda so the value was good, too. The room is big, clean, and the whole hotel is modern and upmarket, and after that trek from the airport….AIRCON! Huzzah for aircon!

Not content with pretty much two days of travel with barely any sleep, we ventured out at night to the Jalan Alor street food market, only 5 minutes (for a normal, unencumbered adult) from our hotel. And wow, were we glad.

As soon as you get near the top of the street you can smell and hear it. A long street with restaurants either side and in front of all them, food carts selling dim sum, a multitude of extremely fresh fish, meat, and vegetables, fresh mango, full coconuts cut open for juice, barbecued goodies cooked or prepared then cooked right in front of you, and much more. The restaurants behind the foodcarts were all out vying for business (read: hassling you every 3 steps) but it’s part of the culture here and a polite ‘no thanks’ and a smile generally does the trick. You can sit down at plastic tables and chairs inside or out at the restaurants for more of a full meal, but we opted for trying as much as we could from the carts. All of it was delicious, cheap, and the atmosphere at the market was just the tonic after such a long journey.
Time for bed.

No, wait, time to go to the rooftop pool, because why not.

Now time for bed. Tomorrow’s adventure: further exploration. Can’t wait.