Who Are We?

Our Tiny Corner is our home online, as we go on adventures as a family at home (in Yorkshire, UK) and abroad (Malaysia and Singapore). This blog was created a week out from our departure on a huge adventure, many months in the planning, and tracks our progress from that point.

We are Colin and Heidi, and along with our three- and five-year-old, have embarked on our first ‘big’ trip as a family. We travelled round Malaysia and Singapore, and are now back in the UK (September 2018) exploring at home! Our Tiny Corner will be the place we report back on our findings, our plans, our experiences on this adventure. Hopefully you will come along for the ride, and follow along with what we get up to!


Remember Paul Young? He said that wherever he laid his hat, that was his home. We like that sentiment and feel that wherever we are, the four of us, we’re home; in Our Tiny Corner. We’ve moved house many times as a couple, and since our first child was born, have changed our residence four times in five years. Now, we plan to set off across the world, but we know that wherever we are, we’ll have our own little corner of the planet.

That’s what we’ll be writing about; our tiny corner, wherever it is.


Between Heidi & I, we’ve visited dozens of countries, but never long haul with young children. We are fervent food-lovers, and prefer to find the popular local hotspots to the multinational conglomerates. As much as possible, we prefer to blend in, rather than just doing the open-top, audio-described bus tours. At the same time, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, so don’t beat ourselves up over the occasional Starbucks.

With this, and travelling with two small people, slow travel suits us. We want to soak up culture and the ‘essence’ of an area, of a country.

We are also world schoolers. Our children don’t currently attend full-time, mainstream education. We incorporate opportunities for learning and growth into our day-to-day life, but appreciate above all that at the ages ours are, children learn through play and exploration of the world around them. We are not their teachers, rather we are their facilitators.

That’s our outlook. That’s us. If you’d like to follow along with our adventures, we’d love to have you.